About Me

My main subject interest is Aviation and am normally found at the end of a runway, usually RAF Coningsby, but also enjoy motorsports and action photography .

I also do portrait photography and have use of a local studio.

More recently I have tried my hand at some Street photography which I have found interesting and coming back with some good results.

I'm also group photographer for a company called L-CAT, who are first responders that use 4x4 vehicles to help out in any emergencies such as in floods, snow, and any off road incidents. They can provide first aid till the emergency services arrive, the group cover the majority of Lincolnshire, and I take pictures for them, please check there site, its on the links page.

I have done work for the Tourism North East Lincolnshire Board (TNEL) to help provide
pictures for their "Cleethorpes Flying High" event in 2012, my images were used for their mass produced flyer.

Phoenixx Photography 2016